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Belated Lemming

Interesting little fill-out

1. Name: Becky Hanna
2. Birthdate: Nov. 7th, 1973
3. Sex: Female
4. Location: Missouri, USA
5. What Does Your LiveJournal Name Mean?: Old MUSH name. Still have the occasion char with it.

Top 5 Songs People Should Give a Listen:
1. Five for Fighting-Superman
2. Dave Matthews Band-Angel
3. Dave Matthews Band-Crash
4. Rufus Wainwright-Hallelujah
5. Beethoven-Moonlight Sonata (adagio)

Top 3 Things That Turn You On About Your Sex of Choice:
1. Strong Hands
2. Chin caves
3. Tenderness when I'm hurting

Top 5 Movies You Watch All the Time:
1. Princess Bride
2. George of the Jungle
3. Hackers
4. Dogma
5. Happy Gilmore (don't ask)

Top 5 Things People Should Know About You:
1. I hate my huge breasts. Plan on getting rid of part of them after the last child.
2. I am fiercely loyal, and consider my friends to be family
3. I will do //anything// for a friend
4. I am addicted to MUSHing. Breaking from Reality, Reading, Music, etc.
5. I feel very strongly about my music. If I like it, I LOVE it. I'll play nothing but a particular song, over and over, for hours on end. Drives my student's nuts.

5 Things You Say the Most:
1. Try me again...
2. Wanna RP?
3. *snugs*
4. And you want me to do what about that? (for students of mine)
5. STOP IT! (Ranges between the dog, Sunny, and the little girl, Cass)

The Next 5 Songs On Your Mp3 List Are:
1. Rufus Wainwright-Hallelujah
2. Anything Beatles
3. They might be Giants-Factory Showroom (Practically every song there)
4. Newish Madonna. I'm loosing my mind....
5. Free Indeed-Newest album. Prolly Sing and Praise vol. 11

For Each Letter, Write the First Thing That Comes to Mind:

B. Bumblebees (Wee, Kellington!)
C. concubine (What Percy offered to let one of my alts become for him last night)
D. dogs
E. Eggplant. (Don't ask. It's a Nora Roberts thing)
F. Frosty
G. Gatorade
H. hallelujah (Sensing a theme? I told you all I have OBC tendancies)
I. iguanas
J. jumping jacks
K. Katt!!
L. Lemmingness
M. Mummy
N. necks (yum, yum)
O. octopuses. Octopi. Octop...Bunches of octupus
P. pregnant
Q. Quinn (Cass's middle name. Also an Eskimo)
S. Sex (which leads to Jeff Carr. That boy needs a new hobby)
T. Teeth (Cass has lost two in the last two weeks.)
U. Umbrellicorns (Ok, I got mid thought and changed. Sue me)
V. Violet Downs. (It's eating at one of my chars)
W. Watermelon feed (When Tom will probably announce he's running for state rep) *gulp*
X. X-rated. (doesn't care to explain here)
Y. Yellow daisies. Summertime flower
Z. The end. I mean, it is, isn't it?
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